Public Liability for Musicians

Helping protect you against third party claims

Public Liability insurance for musicians

What is Public Liability insurance?

Are you a gigging musician or a part-time performer? Music brings people together, so it makes sense that the public should get to hear the best of what you have to offer. Unfortunately, when you're travelling back and forth between venues, you run the risk of something adverse happening to your equipment. Whether it's moving hefty amplifiers or even something as dainty as a turntable, there's always a chance that your valuables can be damaged and bring the curtains down on your show. That's why it makes sense to have a plan in place to protect the things that matter to you.

Why is Public Liability insurance important?

Nobody wants a gig that they're playing to end badly. When you're playing to a crowded room though, it's hard to predict what might go wrong. If a member of the audience were to hurt themselves at your show and point the blame in your direction, then there could be serious consequences.

Public Liability insurance aims to protect you against third party claims of injury or damage to third party property. So, if you take out our standard Public Liability cover with us, you can protect yourself while you're playing in public, or you can extend your cover to protect up to four members of your band. You may find that some venue owners won't let musicians play unless they're adequately insured, so take a look at what our cover can do for you today.

What does Public Liability insurance cover me against?

If you're planning on putting on a show for people, you'll want to make sure that you can preform without any worry about what might go wrong.

We have the following options when it comes to Public Liability:

Equipment: You will receive £1million of Public Liability cover as standard when you insure any equipment. You can also choose to extend your Public Liability cover to £5million.

Public Liability: You can select to take £5million Public Liability as a standalone policy.

Public Liability can cover you if a claim is brought by a member of the public if they suffer an injury, or incur damage to their property, as a result of your music-related activity. For the professional musician, we can even offer an additional Public Liability cover.

If you are looking for Public Liability insurance to provide over £5million of cover you can contact PIB Insurance Brokers, also part of the PIB Group, in the following ways:

  • Phone: 0345 450 7171

Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Policy documents

For customers incepted on or after September 23rd 2019, you can click below to access your policy wording.

Policy documents - Home Studio, Flexi and Select

For customers incepted before September 23rd 2019, you can click below to access your policy wording.

Existing customers

If you have an existing policy with either: DJguard, Orchestralguard, Orchestralguard for schools or Music Liabilityguard, then you can contact our team for information on your policy.