International Music Day! The moments which rocked the world

A look back at some of the moments which rocked the music world ahead of International Music Day

It’s International Music Day this week, and to celebrate, we’ve put together some of the biggest moments in music history that happened this very week!

Which bands made their first-ever appearance? Which seminal albums were released? And what were the jaw-dropping events that rocked the music world?

When is International Music Day?

International Music Day is an annual event, which has been taking place on October 1st every year since 1973.

This Week in Music

How could you possibly condense a celebration of world music into one day? At musicGuard, we believe that a day just isn’t enough time, so we’ve put together a selection of moments that rocked the music world this week. 

27th September

The Beach Boys including Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys, featuring Brian Wilson / Image credit: Ed Sullivan Show.

Beach Boys make their TV debut on the Ed Sullivan show (1964)

The Beach Boys announced themselves to a US audience as they headlined the season premiere of the Ed Sullivan show this week back in 1964. The surf lovers from Southern California would go on to become one of America’s most seminal bands with hits such as ‘I Get Around’ which they performed for the first time on the show. This was also one of the few early appearances for Brian Wilson before he stopped performing with the Beach Boys.

28th September

Miles Davis, who won eight Grammy awards over a 30 year spell

Miles Davis, who received eight Grammy awards / Image credit: Rolling Stone.

Death of Miles Davis (1991)

The world lost a legend on September 28th, 1991, as Jazz great Miles Davis passed away. A figure who re-defined his style and in turn, the wider genre of jazz over the course of five decades, Davis was known by many as The Prince of Darkness. Moving from the Bebop of the 50’s, through the funk 70’s and beyond, Davis was able to evolve music armed only with a trumpet. Davis made a surprise appearance months before his death in 1991 with an orchestra led by Quincy Jones. This appearance would land Davis a posthumous Grammy in 1993.

29th September

The first contract signed by The Beatles and Brian Epstein

The Beatles first contract, sold at Sotheby's in 2015.

Beatles first contract is sold for £365,000 (2015)

The first management contract signed by The Beatles was sold at auction on September 29th, 2015, fetching £365,000. The contract was the first to be signed by what then became the Fab Four – including drummer Ringo Starr - and long-term manager Brian Epstein. The contract itself had gone down in music folklore, as a young Paul McCartney had reportedly infuriated Epstein by appearing late for a meeting as he was taking a bath.

30th September

BBC Radio One, which was launched in 1967

The BBC launched Radio 1 after the closure of many pirate radio stations.

Launch of Radio 1 (1967)

At 7:00am, on the morning of September 30th, 1967, Radio 1 began life on the airwaves. Tony Blackburn was the show’s first-ever DJ after the closure of the many pirate radio stations that had sprung up throughout the 60’s. Flowers in the Rain by The Move was the first ever track played on Radio 1, 44 years ago. Now, the station attracts almost 9 million listeners a week!

1st October

Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton

Jimi Hendrix and good friend Eric Clapton.

Jimi Hendrix makes his first UK appearance (1966)

Jimi Hendrix, one of the most iconic figures in rock history, made his first-ever appearance in the UK during the swinging sixties on October 1st, 1966. Hendrix was brought over to the UK by manager and former Animals bassist Chas Chandler and it wasn’t long before Hendrix was establishing himself as a name among the bars and venues of London. Attending a Cream gig at the London Polytechnic, Hendrix got on stage and thrashed it out on the guitar with Eric Clapton – much to Clapton’s disbelief. Hendrix would sadly pass away in Notting Hill in 1970 and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery on October 1st.

2nd October

What's the Story Morning Glory, released in 1995 became one of the biggest-selling albums of the 90's

What's the Story? became one of the biggest selling albums of the 1990's.

Oasis release (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

At the height of Britpop frenzy, Oasis released their much-anticipated second album, What’s the Story Morning Glory? On October 2nd, 1995. What’s the Story was a huge commercial success, selling 18 million copies worldwide to date and giving us classics such as “Roll With It”, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and “Wonderwall”.

3rd October

Queen and Freddie Mercury

Music psychologists found We are the Champions to be the catchiest song. 

Queen’s We are the Champions found to be the catchiest song in history (2011).

The Queen hit, We are the Champions is found to be the catchiest song ever written by scientists in 2011. Research which analysed the catchiness of pop songs, found that it takes four key elements to create a bonified hit. These were: long and detailed phrases, multiple pitch changes, male vocalists and high-pitched male voices. We are the Champions finished top of the pile, which included ear worms such as Y.M.C.A. by the Village People, Sum 41’s Fat Lip and The Final Countdown by Europe.