*Price based on DJ equipment worth £1,500 in total, in a SN1 postcode area. Annual premium of £64.19. Prices are correct as at 23/09/19

DJ Equipment Insurance

Cover your DJ equipment from £5.35 per month*

*Price based on DJ equipment worth £1,500 in total, in a SN1 postcode area. Annual premium of £64.19. Prices are correct as at 23/09/19

Key features

Are you a dorm-room DJ or someone who spins the decks for a living? Regardless of whether you're a professional or not, we know how important your equipment is to you, especially when you're responsible for getting the party started. So whether it's for a local gig, a wedding or even a nightclub party abroad, you may be worried about the risk to your DJ equipment when you're performing in public. That’s why our insurance can help provide the cover you need, so take a look at our policies below.

Public liability for DJs

Public Liability

Accidents can happen, especially if you’re a performing musician. That’s why we will protect you against third party damage or injury claims. 


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Instrument & Equipment Cover

Our cover goes beyond standard theft and accidental damage and includes vandalism, attempted theft and even fire damage in the UK and abroad (up to 30 days). Security requirements apply.

DJ Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Making a claim with us and still need an instrument? It’s covered as part of our claims service, up to £2,000 of equipment hire available if you need it.

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In-Vehicle Cover

Keep your equipment safe when you're on the road. Our policy automatically includes in-vehicle cover and up to £300 in vehicle damage costs in the event of a theft. Storage and vehicle security requirements apply.

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New for Old Cover

No value depreciation on your instrument and equipment when you use our approved claims service, which are all handled by our own claims team – so no outsourcing to a third party. Evidence of ownership needed if you make a claim.

Loss of Earnings

Loss of Earnings

Had an accident that's keeping you from performing? You shouldn't have to be out of pocket. We can offer up to £800 to cover the loss of your earnings.

Our optional extras

Have a look at our extended policies if you want a little bit extra from your insurance ahead of any big shows you've got lined up. Our optional extras have been designed for those who want to put on a show, wherever they go. Our Global Travel cover provides protection against theft and accidental damage anywhere in the world. You can also benefit from up to £300 if your purpose-designed equipment case is damaged upon arrival overseas. So, before you head away, take a look at our optional covers and get a quote from us today.

Global Travel

Global Travel

30 days travel cover not enough? If you’ve got a string of gigs lined up then you can extend your policy to include 365 days of global travel cover.


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Public Liability

£5m Public Liability

Option to increase your Public Liability cover up to £5million. You can also extend your insurance to include up to 4 additional band members.


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Extended Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical Breakdown

It’s frustrating when your equipment breaks outside of its warranty. Our Mechanical Breakdown option can cover faulty kit that's up to 5 years old.

What does DJ equipment insurance cover?

Want to find out even more about our cover? If you're wondering about what's included in our insurance for DJ equipment, then we've answered a few questions for you below.

Can I rent DJ equipment if mine is damaged?

If your DJ equipment is accidentally damaged and you’ve made a claim with us, we can provide up to £2,000 towards replacement hire equipment within the UK in the meantime.

As part of our Global Travel option, we can provide up to £250 to hire replacement DJ equipment from a reputable retailer if yours is damage while you’re abroad.

Can you replace new DJ equipment?

If you’ve accidentally damaged your DJ equipment or if you’ve been the victim of theft, then we can replace your equipment on a new for old basis (unless it’s economical to repair). Any DJ software that you own will have to have been purchased from new.

DJ Mixer v Controller: what's the difference?

A DJ mixer acts as a dedicated mixing suite for you to input tracks from CDJ’s, record decks and external soundcards in order to control and mix your sound. A DJ controller is an all-in-one setup that offers the capabilities of a DJ mixer as well as being able to scratch and use sound FX. However, with a DJ controller, you’ll usually need to use a laptop with DJ software installed alongside it.

Can I get insurance for my computer or laptop?

Yes, computers and laptops can be covered for DJ’s if their primary purpose is for your music-related activity.

Your DJ software must be purchased from new and we can’t cover DJ software for which you already own a backup disk or code. Electrical breakdown is not covered unless fire starts immediately and we can’t cover diminution of value for laptops, computers or software. Laptops, computers and software are not covered under our extended Mechanical Breakdown policy.

How does a DJ turntable work?

A digital turntable allows DJ’s to use effects and techniques to mash up the sound of a track or tracks. DJs can use a turntable to scratch and mix together songs as well as changing the tempo and beat of a track.

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