Unlimited Sound: Adapting to lockdown

How have you adapted during lockdown?

Once lockdown was introduced, I started looking at potential opportunities to keep earning. This is where I spotted a possible import from abroad and wondered whether Drive-In events could be a way of delivering much-needed entertainment to people during these tough times.

I then set up Drive In Films and it’s since taken on a life of its own!

We’ve had to adapt the different ways in which we’d usually entertain a crowd by bringing DJs and entertainers to the big screen. With Drive in Films we’ve managed to combine our existing work with live video DJing with VJ Gary entertaining the crowd. We’ve also had live comedy videoed and broadcast to huge screens to the audience safely sat in their cars! It’s proving to be a really fun time.

Unlimited Sound are providing drive in films during lockdown

Drive In Films are proving to be a winner in lockdown entertainment / Image: Drive In Films, Facebook.

What’s been the best moment so far?

The most memorable event actually came during our very first drive in! We had a guy contact us in Derby and asked if he could record a short clip and propose on screen to his girlfriend….we worked with him and luckily she said yes!

How have other DJs you know coped with lockdown?

Three DJ friends of mine are helping with Drive In films. Others DJ’s I know are keeping going through live streaming.

At the start, live streaming was very novel, but it has a niche audience at the moment and the income opportunities are quite limited.

One or two DJ friends of mine are keeping busy in the studio remixing and creating – building up stock for after lockdown – but without the audience to test the concepts on live, I think this can only go so far.