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What is the minimum/maximum age to get cover?

The minimum age we can insure is 18. Public Liability and Personal Accident cover will only apply to anyone aged 16 or over at the time of any incident, and total permanent disablement cover is only available for anyone aged 65 or under.

Can the band be insured/covered as a whole entity, i.e. can the four members of the band be joint policy holders, with no one person being solely the policy holder?

When you are insuring the equipment; the policy would have to be in one band member's name and this person would automatically get £1million of Public Liability. For an additional premium you can increase Public Liability cover to £5million and include up to 4 additional band members. 

Do you cover computers, laptops or software?

Yes, computers and laptops can be covered if their primary purpose is for your music-related activity.

I have previously had a criminal conviction. Will this affect my cover?

You must disclose any criminal convictions you have received. If you are in any doubt as to whether this applies to you, you should tell us. You only have to disclose convictions which are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Do you only cover UK residents?

Yes. You must be a UK resident and domiciled in the UK.

Is there an excess on this policy?

All insured items claims are subject to the following excess unless otherwise stated on your insurance schedule:

Claim Type

- Comprehensive Cover for Insured Items - Excess Payable £75

- Mechanical Breakdown for Insured Items -  Excess Payable £75

All public liability claims are subject to the following excess unless otherwise stated on your Insurance Schedule:

Public Liability Claim Type

- Property claims - Excess Payable £500

- Injury claims - Nil

I have previously made a claim. Will this affect my cover?

You need to tell us about any music related losses or claims you have had within the last three years whether insured or not. It is important that you make an honest disclosure of any previous claims or losses, as this could invalidate your cover. You must also tell us about any liability, property damage or personal accident related events or claims.

Can I add or make changes to the policy at any time?

Yes, you can make changes to your policy by simply logging in to your on-line account or by calling us. You can add or delete insured items and change some aspects of your policy. Note that additions will incur additional costs. Additional premiums are charged on a pro rata basis from the date of change. Any cover options that you choose can only be added or removed when you first buy the policy or at renewal.

Do you supply one-off cover for a single event or can I get insurance for just a few days or weeks?

Cover for a single event can often work out to be as expensive as an annual policy because event companies often charge minimum premiums. Our insurance is provided on an annual basis to give you a more cost effective solution - we do not offer any cover on a short term or temporary basis.

What is Public Liability cover?

Public Liability (also referred to as personal liability or Third Party Liability) provides cover for any music-related legal liability that results in an injury to someone or damage to their property.

What value should I insure my equipment for?

For items that can be readily replaced with a new one (or with a similar model), the value should be the usual, undiscounted cost including VAT from a reputable retailer at the time you apply. For vintage and rare equipment you need a specific valuation from a reputable source, that is not more than 12 months old. You will then need to obtain a new valuation every three years, to take into account any market changes in value during the period of insurance.


I already have insurance for my instruments and equipment when they are in the home. Are you able to insure these instruments specifically and only for out of the house use?

Home insurance cover can be limited for musical instruments and equipment, so we take the view that our policy provides the cover you need whilst inside or outside of the home.

Are there any security requirements for my vehicle or where the equipment is kept?

Requirements: At your insured location (where your equipment is usually kept, which should also be your main place of residence or your music business premises or studio) 
For cover to apply whilst your items are at your insured location, please be aware that your items must be kept within the main structures of your insured location.

Requirements: In-Vehicle Cover 
Theft or attempted theft from a vehicle will only be covered if your insured item is stored out of sight, in an enclosed storage compartment, boot or luggage space. All vehicle doors and windows must be closed and securely locked, and all vehicle security systems activated. 

Accidental damage that occurs in a vehicle is only covered if the insured item is in a purpose-designed equipment case. If your equipment is in transit with an airline transport provider, see the FAQ relating to airline cover.


Am I covered to take my equipment abroad?

This depends on the options you choose. Included as standard with your policy, you are covered anywhere in the UK and up to 30 days worldwide in total during your period of insurance. If you need more extensive cover, you can choose our Global Travel option, which will extend your worldwide cover for the full policy period.


I am travelling on an airline, am I covered?

This depends on the exact circumstances and what options were available to you, but it is advisable that you carry your equipment as cabin luggage. If government or airline restrictions prevent this, you may want to assess if you need to take all of your equipment with you. Provided the equipment is in a rigid-bodied purpose designed equipment case, it is covered for accidental damage. Theft is covered, provided you can demonstrate forcible entry into the bag or suitcase. We regret that loss of baggage containing your equipment is not covered with musicGuard.