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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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About the cover
About proof of ownership
About the policy options
About equipment and instruments
About in vehicle cover
About insured locations
About working and traveling abroad
About the company
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About your payment plan

About your payment plan
  • 1) What is premium finance?
    • Thistle Insurance Services Limited provides premium finance which allows you to help spread the cost of your insurance. We as the finance loan provider pay the premium to the insurer in a lump sum and then collect monthly repayments from you, which include a credit charge.
  • 2) How does it work?
    • If you are dealing with your insurance provider by telephone or the Internet, they will collect all the necessary details and set up a Direct Debit in your name and send the information to us. This is why the name Thistle Insurance will appear next to the Direct Debit entry on your bank statement rather than the insurance company's name. We will then email you a welcome pack within a few days to confirm the amount of each monthly payment and when we will be collecting them from your bank account. This will include a copy of the Pre-contract Credit Information which we advise you to read. Please contact us immediately on 0345 450 6397 if any details are incorrect. You should print off, sign and return a copy of the credit agreement to us. We will then collect the agreed number of monthly payments from your bank account.
  • 3) What if I no longer require the insurance?
    • You need to contact us to discuss the cancellation of your policy. If the terms and conditions allow the policy to be cancelled we will then calculate any rebate due or payments owed on your payment plan.
  • 5) What happens if I miss a payment?
    • If you miss a payment we will contact you to try to rectify the situation. It is important that you keep up with your payments to ensure that your credit agreement and insurance cover remain in force. If you have any payment difficulties, you should contact us immediately on 0345 450 6397.
  • 6) What if I default on my agreement?
    • If you fail to make your required payment after our attempt to rectify we will issue a default notice. This will give you up to 14 further days to make payment before your agreement will be terminated. Please bear in mind that your insurance cover may be cancelled if you fail to make your monthly payments.

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